Serr'Raa Arabians started with the purchase of our first Arabian, Serr'Raa. She had the highest Percentage of Babson Turfa blood in her veins in the nation. She was spirited, athletic, had a great mind and was beautiful to watch. We were very exited about owning her and were making plans to breed her. As misfortunes happen, it happened to us. Serr'Raa became very ill, and before she could recover she had a second illness and died of salmonella poisoning. Though we only owned her for seven months she moved us greatly. With her lose, we were not sure if we would continue with our plans of becoming Arabian Breeders or not. We thought we would never find another Arabian that would move our ambition's the way Serr'Raa did.

We forced ourselves to search for another foundation mare. As we searched we found through a friend of mine an Arabian by the name of GLF Karma. She was stunning and very personable. We sure knew we needed a little positive Karma in our lives and Karma was it. Karma was a halter and western pleasure show horse. She had done extremely well in halter and had qualified for Nationals in western pleasure. We had not planned on showing, but thought we may as well try it for a year. Karma had a great year and she started our show career. Karma was every thing we had dreamed about. There were a lot of similarities between her and Serr'Raa. She was big, she could win at halter, she was athletic, she was smart, she had great eye appeal and she had a great trainable mind.

Our breeding mission came from Karma through Serr'Raa. We want "to produce Arabians with great eye appeal, that can win at halter, are very athletic and have great trainable minds." we have been carefully selecting Arabians to fulfill our mission. Zimbolic Pgn +/, our stallion is that type of Arabian. We recently purchase two more mares that also fit in with our mission, AW Loves a Dance and Magnums Mai Tai. They are both at Shada's getting ready for the halter season and hopefully Nationals.

We are now looking for the right property to build our new ranch, as we have a number of foals coming next season and are in need of more space. We are dedicated and enthusiastic about our plans and hope that others, who share our thoughts on the type of Arabians we like, will enjoy our Arabians and the Arabians we breed. Rhonda and I welcome you to give us a call anytime to talk about our Arabians and our breeding plans.

John T. Tanner
Rhonda Baptiste
Serr'Raa Arabians